Our name has its origin from the first property that was added to the portfolio by master carpenter Hans Øvlisen in 1927. With the purchase of 50% in Søndergade 66-68, Aarhus, Hans Øvlisen laid the foundation for the real estate business in generations to come and our name – 1927 Estate.

Later, his son Viggo Øvlisen put his mark on both the real estate portfolio and the city of Aarhus by, among other things, participating in the construction of Aarhus Statsgymnasium, Hotel Marselis and Aarhus Vinterbane.

Today the 4th generation is well-integrated, and the company is being run in collaboration with new people who entered the group of owners and management in 2019.


At 1927 Estate we want to create value through well-thought-out area and property development projects.

Based on the end user experience, the goal is to create attractive projects – from idea to successful delivery.

By challenging habitual thinking and limitations, we see and find the potential in both the empty plot and the existing property.

Through our many years of experience from all stages of a development project, as well as innovative approaches to area and property development, we ensure attractive solutions for users and investors.

We believe in

Courage: We have the courage to think innovatively and to pursue the good idea

Integrity: We strive to be ourselves, do the right thing and work professionally

Respect: We work together with competent and insightful people and have great respect for their thoughts and time

Communication: We want to understand others and communicate clearly

The long-term cooperation: We believe that mutual, attractive collaborations just gets better and better over time

Fun and energy: We believe in having fun at work and with each other while working energetically.

Our goals

At 1927 Estate, the ambition is to provide “the good user experience”. That is why we have a strong focus on spotting market trends and implementing them in our projects.

Our competent organization works hard every day to fulfill our ambitions. Both through thoroughly tested systems and models as well as through innovative technologies. Only in this way can we ensure that 1927 Estate is at the forefront of development and able to deliver the solutions that users expect and demand.


We currently have no vacancies.

But if you believe that your competencies could benefit our team, you are always very welcome to send us an unsolicited application to info@1927.dk.

“We respect the thoughts and time of the people we surround us with.”